About Us

My name is Shaun Kerrigan,  Over the past 6 years I have sold online, items diverse as Contactlenses to Wood Burning Stoves, Audio Books to Health products, all through websites I and my team have have built. I have the knowledge, ability and understanding to help your business attract new clients and customers from the internet. We will apply our knowledge and techniques to attract people inside your local business area who are in  “buyer ready” mode searching for the  goods and solutions that your company offers!

Depending on your situation and priorities, and after discussions, we will apply a number of different techniques to attract clients and customers to your website.  Attracting them is just the first step and you may need some sort of lead capture system in place so that you can follow up on these visitors and ultimately turn them into buying customers. We can also help you with such a system.

We can also help with any separate elements of online marketing your business might need such as *Search Engine Optimization (that is making your website much more efficient at attracting visitors), *Website creation and modification, *Google Places listings, Social Media profiles (which includes establishing Facebook fan pages) *Video Marketing, *Article Marketing, Mobile Websites and any other kind of online marketing  that you might require.

Operating inside a quantifiable spending budget.  Local businesses often think that establishing and maintaining an effective  internet presence is expensive and time consuming. As small business owners ourselves we understand the significance of making a certain return for each and every pound invested in marketing.

The great thing about Internet marketing is the fact that often in contrast to any other type of advertising we are able to track real outcomes and responses and it is this single element that allows us to apply leverage to what we know works best.  Depending on the strategy employed that can be within 24 hours but often within the first month you will have a good idea what is working for you,  sometimes depending on your situation and competition, even within the first week you will see  an improvement  and be able to  start to determine actual quantifiable  outcomes.

Our focus is on measurable results for our customers.

The first thing we prefer to do is have an informal chat to find out exactly where we might be able to help you and your business, and to prioritise the things you should be doing first.

Use the contact form or give us a ring , 029 20892207, and we’ll be delighted to setup a short confidential totally free 20 minute consultation to talk about the possibilities for your business with you!