Developing An App For Your Business

You may have thought that developing an app (mobile application) for your business was a non-starter. You  may have thought that sort of thing was just for large companies , but think again!  Apps can help build your business brand even if you have a fairly small business.

If you have a smart phone you will probably already have downloaded some apps. There are apps for everything. Information apps  that provide data on bus, air and train travel, , wiki reference sites, news sites . Utilization apps are those like Google Translate, Dragon Dictation, iTorch (flashlight)  and shopping apps include eBay, Amazon,  and lots more.

Both Android and iPhone offer low cost app-development tools that can be used by  a beginner who just wants to try their hand at app design. Apps are broadly in a few categories – entertainment, inform, shop and utilize.

When developing your app you will need to think of a creative idea that relates to your business that people will enjoy using,  ie. it will entertain, inform or help them shop and you really need to make it free. If you are in need of inspiration check out the apps store and see what sort of things popular, ask your staff and friends.

I have listed a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

If you are a keep fit trainer or own a Gym, you could offer a virtual personal trainer that would allow consumers to enter their measurements, height and weight as well as interests and limitations and generate a training program and then offer a free trial to your gym.

If you own a bar, you could offer a signature cocktail designer where people can mix a virtual drink, name it and submit it to your bar for a chance to be a featured cocktail – you could hold a finals night where people vote on the winner.

If you own any kind of business, you could design a simple game that ties somehow into the theme of your establishment, make it fun and enjoyable to play. The customers can accumulate points by playing and these points then translate into discounts at your business, a great way to get people through your doors!

Promote your app to everyone that comes into your business, on flyers, stationery etc. all  have  links to download it from the app stores along with an offer tied to the download.

Mobile apps downloads and usage are on the rise according to a recent study by Juniper Research. The firm estimates that by 2016, 66 billion mobile apps will be downloaded compared to 31 billion downloaded in 2011. 87% of these are free downloads. So don’t hesitate, get your thinking cap on and be ahead of your competition.

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