Frequently Asked Questions


Do  I really need to be marketing online?

Well I suppose to a certain degree you can answer that yourself. If you have previously used Yellow Pages or the local paper to advertise your business in Cardiff or any other city are you still getting the same response rate you received a few years ago? I doubt it.

I and everyone I know, either uses the computer or smart phone to search for products and services in their local area. We have all heard the expression “Google it” and I would imagine you do it yourself.

Are your customers searching for the products and services you offer in the same way?

Well there is an easy way to find out  –  if you download our free report, I go into the example of  the number of searches carried out on Google each month for the term “Cardiff Plumber”.

Now you can do the same search  for your type of business using the free Google keyword tool, – you will find it here


Set the country to the UK and just enter your type of business with your location.  

Here are just a few examples with the number of searches (it is only an approximation but it is a good indicator if people are actively searching online for your products and services)

Car Hire Cardiff 8,000

Cardiff Taxi 6,000

Cardiff Restaurant 33,000

Swansea Hotel 40,000

You will, by now have answered your own question – If your potential customers are searching online then you need to be marketing online 😉 .

I get a ton of emails and phone calls offering me websites and search engine optimization – How do I choose the right one for my business? 

I appreciate you are probably bombarded with offers promising “the earth” and obviously I can’t really comment on how good those offers are. However I  would say, find someone local to you, speak to them , meet them, get a feel for what they stand for and you will then be in a better position to decide if they are the right people to be dealing with your business.

Heck you can set up a meeting with me on Skype, see my “ugly mush” and talk to me for 5 minutes without leaving your office and them make a decision if you want to take matters further. My user name on Skype is “shauncardiff”  or you can of course use the traditional method -tel 029 20892207

How much will it cost me?

Well the answer you won’t want to hear is “how long is a piece of string” but to a certain degree that is the answer you will get unless you can define exactly what it is you want.

You may now tell me “I don’t know what I want”, and why should you? The day to day operation of your business is probably taking the majority of your time and you may not have the time or the experience to investigate the many different aspects of websites and online marketing.

Therefore we come back to my previous point on the benefits of dealing with someone local to you, who you feel comfortable with.

They will look at your business, investigate what you are currently doing on the internet, if anything,  and then make recommendations  together with the costs involved and the results you should expect. Or that’s what they should do and  what I will certainly do, ! Give me a ring now as the first step.

My business already has a web site, why do I need you ?

Brilliant, you have taken the first step and embraced the future. If you are happy with your website and the results it is producing, Fantastic, you might not need me!

However have you considered all the options and what is happening right now on the internet? Google is constantly changing and the way your customers are searching is changing.

A few years ago having just a website was probably enough when marketing online, but not any longer. Yes, a website is crucial as a first step in establishing a foothold, but there is so much more now needed to attract your future customers  and even to keep hold of the ones you have .


If you are  interested in attracting new business from the internet these are some of the things you need to be thinking about –  Your competitors are! – and that means you will be loosing business.

You don’t have a website – You need to get one !

You have  a website – Great, but where does it rank for the key phrases your customers are using when they search for your products and services ?

Have you claimed and optimised your Google Places listing? Click here to discover how Google Places can help you  

Is your website mobile friendly ? – More and more of your potential customers in Cardiff and South Wales are now searching from a mobile device and the numbers are growing… fast! It is estimated within the next two years mobile searches will exceed the number made by traditional computers!!!! How does your website look on a mobile phone ? Check it out here  –  http://iphonetester.com/

Now let’s be clear it may not be urgent for some businesses to have mobile friendly sites just yet.  People such as Accountants and Solicitors maybe not, but for any business that people search for “on the go” it will become more and more important, businesses such as restaurants, car hire, hotels, taxis, B&B, takeaways, breakdown operators, businesses offering emergency type services such as locksmiths, plumbers, glaziers etc etc.

People will search for these services on their mobile devices and if you are not set up for this you will be LOOSING BUSINESS TO YOUR COMPETITORS!

A mobile site is optimised for the small screen and the businesses that are preparing for this will clean up!

SMS Marketing/Text Marketing – People have their mobile phone with them 24/7 and always look at it when they get a message or phone call. How can this work in your business?

Social Media – Yes, Facebook and to a lesser extent, in my mind at the moment, Twitter and don’t forget Google +1. 

We have all heard the numbers of people on Facebook and they are massive. Your kids are probably always on it!  mine certainly are! And that’s the point, more and more people are using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, etc. etc. etc. and using them constantly, its become a way of life, and it’s not just the kids!!

If you don’t at least explore the possibilities as to how your business can utilise these types of Social Media sites, your competitors certainly will be and you will be loosing business to them.

So give me a call or even Skype me (shauncardiff), if you want to see me face to face! and have a chat about your business and see how we can help you attract more customers and more business from the internet.