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As a Business Owner you are continuously looking for methods to attract  more clients and customers. One means of achieving this is by using online marketing techniques and what better way than by using one of the options that Google itself offers business owners that will help potential purchasers find your business when they carry out an online Google local search.

It is possible, depending on the competition, to place your self at the top of local search listings even if you do not possess a web site. Obviously possessing a web site will help but it is not critical. The very first thing to complete would be to claim your listing in Google Places. Optimising your Google Places listing to achieve those top rankings does need a little bit of time and ability to carry out, and that is exactly where getting somebody skilled to offer you a hand with your listing can reap dividends.

A Google Places Listing Is really like a mini web site… and the best thing about that is, it is an internet site created by Google with all of the important optimisation and style functions that Google offers. Allow me to say that once more,.. Google have already pre-built a really effective local listings web site for you personally. and all you need to do is claim it !

Fantastic!,… What is the catch and how can I get mine?,.. Well you will need to open an account with Google, (if you do not already have one for your business), and claim your Google Places listing. From there you will be offered numerous choices and options regarding what information you want to display about your business.

This is not particularly hard to do but just like most things it does require time and also the more understanding you have about utilizing particular key phrases (purchasing phrases that your potential clients & customers use to look for your company) then the better the outcomes and performance you’ll get.

You are able to (and ought to) also tie your Google Places listing together with your real web site (if you have one), your blog (if you have one) along with other Web2.0 property such as your Youtube account (highly recommended),  Twitter, Facebook etc (in the event you have them).

The more you are able to interconnect your Google places listing together with your other online presence sites then the greater you’ll DOMINATE the search engine results pages. In fact,… you’d probably be shocked at how few companies in your geographical region are really performing any of this in any way.

Now here’s some thing extremely special for you to consider!,… We at Cardiff Online Marketing can do EVERYTHING for you personally and at a GREAT PRICE!

Here’s what we’ll do for you to make sure of the very best outcome in getting your Google places page up and running:

1.    We’ll claim your Google Places listing

2.    We’ll optimise your Google Places page by adding relevant  important information about your company and discuss with you the best keywords with which to optimise your listing. 

3.    We’ll tie your Google Places listing to your main web site or blog (or both) and also tie it into Twitter, Facebook and any other Web2.0 sites, if you have those.

4.    We’ll insert and optimize photos of your business into your listing if you have them or alternatively use copyright free images. 

There are many other things we’ll also do ( can’t give away all our secrets here !) to ensure that your new Google Places listing stands out visibly above the vast majority (if not all) of your competitors.

All the above would typically cost you £397 but for all new customers we are at this time offering this service for half the standard price of just £195
This low special price is limited and will NOT last forever

Click on the “Buy Now” button to make payment



On completion of your payment we will contact you within 24 hours with a “request for details form” so we can start to complete your Google Places listing.  Any questions please ring me on 029 20892207 

We also possess a follow up monthly management service for your Google Places listing website and these programs start at a low £67 per month (compare that with what you currently pay for newspaper or yellow pages listings that would not bring you anywhere near the same effective outcomes).

If you do not currently possess an effective company web site  and would like one set up and skillfully optimized to bring you targeted customers then we are able to assist with that and at a price that may pleasantly shock you !

Contact us here to talk about your requirements is not in any way associated with Google and our Google Places Listing service is not endorsed or affiliated by or with Google.

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