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Google has recently announced that Google Plus (Google +) is completely absorbing Google Places, in the form of Google Plus Local. 

Google Plus Local appears to offer a much more interactive platform for businesses and their customers than the original Google Places set up.

It has been reported that instead of displaying a business’ page in a list of search engine results, Google will provide web surfers with more interactive Google + Local pages by way of several different avenues. In addition to search engine results pages, Google + Local listings will also appear when users search Google Maps and Google Plus, and also when they make use of Google mobile apps.

Whereas Google Places relied on a 5-star scales to convey average user review ratings, the new Google + format makes use of something called the Zagat score. The Zagat score is more comprehensive – including marks for a number of categories related to each specific type of business – and the 0 to 30 range is therefore indicative of a business’ rating on a broad range of factors.

Having said that, has been a restaurant review site that is not used that widely in the UK and has recently been taken over by Google. So how this will develop in the UK  and how it will cover all the other types of businesses we will have to wait and see. 

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