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Unless you are “technically minded ” you probably don’t really mind how your website is built as long as it is effective and does what it is supposed to do, and that is generally one or more of the following things:

  • Showcase your business
  • Attract more customers to your business
  • Sell your product
  • Provide information about your products and services
  • Capture leads you can follow up.

Any good online marketer will discuss with you what your requirements are and then build an appropriate website for you.

In years gone by too many so called “web designers” thought it was enough just to put up a few pages about a business and that was it. Today however that is certainly not enough, if you just do that your website will sink without trace.

You really need to discuss with your online marketer/web designer what you are trying to achieve before ordering your website. Unless the provider  you are dealing with discusses items such as :

  • Keywords & Phrases
  • Competition
  • Social Media
  • Google Places
  • Mobile Websites 
  • Video Marketing
I would recommend you find another provider  😉 .
See our FAQ section for the things you need to be thinking about before ordering a website.

Now we can build you any type of website you like BUT we strongly recommend  a website built with a system called “WordPress”. One of the main reasons for this is, once the website is built, it is relatively easy for the business owner to make changes to the website himself, without having to know any technical “stuff”.  

That means if you want to add pages , make changes to any details, (phone numbers, contact details etc.) it is easy to do and you are not held to ransom by the web designer! We will show you how to make these changes  as part of our service

Now there are many other reasons why “WordPress” is the choice of web designers, hardly any other Content Management Website System on the web can contend with WordPress in respect of raw power and . It is easy to use and it is a platform that is “loved” by Google for the inherently content rich and interactive nature!

The WordPress platform has now been used to build hundreds of thousands of sites  and it is estimated that WordPress is the platform preferred by 17% of  new websites created. That’s an amazing figure and backs up our suggestion to use it!

Most local businesses want visitors to take action when they visit their site and here are some examples of demo sites created to do just that – Invoke a response – either ring you or opt in for your report which enables you to capture their email details and continue to market to them.

Locksmith Site Lawn Services Site Dentist Site
Chiropractor Site Carpet Cleaners SIte Mover Site

Mobile Browser Ready Website

In 2011 the sales of “smart phones”, and by that I mean phones that can access the internet, overtook that of PC’s and Laptops. It is now a fact that during the next 12/18 months more people will be searching on phones and “tablets”  than on traditional computers.

Therefore if your website is not optimised for viewing on a phone you are at a serious disadvantage and will be loosing out BIG TIME to your competitors.

It goes without saying therefore that we can help you take advantage of this change in the way your customers are searching for your products and services.

Listed here are some demo screen shots from this actual website you are on now,.. You can check this out for yourself, just enter the URL of this website into your mobile phone and see how it looks.

Now view your own website, How does it appear ?

Menu Screen Mobile About Mobile eBook Mobile Websites

Contact Us Today to receive a quotation on getting us to build a Customized Mobile Ready Website for your business.

Prices start as low as £495 to get a fully prepared 10 page website